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3 Laws That Helped Millions of People Get Out of Debt and Into a Better Future!

It is fundamentally unfair that so many hard-working people are forced to choose between buying essential things for their families and making their monthly credit card or mortgage payments. The good news is that California has very strong laws that protect us.

The 3 Laws

There are the 3 categories of law that can help you prevent a financial disaster:

  1. Laws that allow you to settle your debts with creditors when they become too burdensome.
  2. Debt defense laws that limit how and when creditors can collect from you.
  3. Bankruptcy laws that give you the power to start fresh and free of debt.


  1. More money to spend on your health and your family.
  2. You will avoid disturbing situations such as receiving collection calls at work.
  3. Stress relief! Some people say “it feels like a weight has been lifted off you.”
  4. Some debt reduction options require no formal proceedings or court filings, so you may keep it confidential.

These laws save families, careers, and lives from falling apart.

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